A sampler tin of vials of spices from Well Seasoned Table on a wooden background with organic dried spices and vegetables around it.

Asheville Sampler: Suggestions for Use

Consider Emerald Mountain Dust your go-to herby seasoning for flavoring anything from roasted veggies to proteins like chicken, tofu, and salmon to pasta. We loved it with crispy gnocchi and greens, as seen here, and never tire of it on popcorn.

Lean on smoky and unapologetically flavorful Magic Onion Dust to liven up eggs, stir-fries, or your next batch of French onion dip. You should also try Sarah's take on one of her favorite recipes that her mom made her when she was growing up (Recipe coming soon to the blog!)

Wild Green Fire Goddess Seasoning brings herbaceous flavor with a touch of heat. Try stirring it into soups, rubbing it onto chicken thighs, or adding to a quiche.

Using our Rosemary Basil Sea Salt in place of regular ol’ salt in vinaigrettes, sautéed greens, or even Mac and Cheese will give your dish an instant flavor boost! 
Try sprinkling Blue Ridge Sugar over muffins or loaf cakes before baking for a crunchy topper or use it to rim your next fruity cocktail. It also makes a stunning simple syrup, which you can then use in cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages alike.

Our Smoked Fire Seasoning packs a seriously smoky punch that’s delicious incorporated into burger patties, dips, and deviled eggs. You can also try stirring it into a Bloody Mary or a day-after-Thanksgiving turkey salad!
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