Are your products certified organic?

We are not certified organic at this time. However, we use organic practices on our farm. We also source certified organic, non-certified organic, or sustainably harvested ingredients.

Where do you get your sea salt from?

The sea salt that we use is from Celtic Sea Salt. They are a family owned company that has been around since 1976, and are the original Celtic® Sea Salt. They are located about 20 miles from us in Mills River, NC. Their Light Grey Celtic® Sea Salt is completely unrefined and gets its light grey hue from the pure clay lining of the salt beds where it is harvested in France.

Harvested with three simple ingredients: Sun, wind and human skill – preserving the vast array of vital trace minerals.

Has the sea salt you use been tested for micro plastics?

There have been several articles circulating regarding plastics found in the oceans and sea salt. Selina Naturally® has gone the extra step in testing their salt in response to the recent ‘micro plastic’ publications. As of June, 2017 they sent a 1lb bag of their Light Grey Celtic® to McCrone Associates, Inc. Laboratory to perform a Food Forensic Analysis and were pleased to see the results were clear, "No rubber or plastic-like material was visible". They are committed to continuing to pursue the best testing methods to maintain the integrity you expect with our sea salt.

Do you have a brick & mortar store?

Not at this time. You can find us at events around town, at one of our retail partners, or on our website. 

Where do you source your ingredients?

Many of our ingredients are grown right here on the Well Seasoned Table Farm. We also work with other farmers in our area, and many small businesses that create sustainable, well crafted products. We connect further to the Appalachian Mountains by wildcrafting some of our ingredients as well. In total, up to 80% of our ingredients are grown, wildcrafted, or locally sourced from the Appalachian Mountains.

Are the ingredients that you forage, harvested sustainably?

Yes! The owner of the business, Sarah Wickers, has a degree from UNCA in Ecology & Environmental Biology, with a concentration in native plants. She has extensive knowledge on the plants, and fungi in the area. We believe that wildcrafting ingredients for our products MUST be done sustainably! We will never take more from the forest than what is ecologically responsible.

Where can I find you?

You can find a list of our Retail Partners HERE.

How do I use this seasoning, infused sugar or sea salt?

You can find fantastic recipes on our BLOG!