Which WST Products are Made with Wild-harvested Ramps?

Created by: Susan Lippold


The Magic & Long-term

Survival of Wild Ramps

In the spring, the Appalachian Mountains warm and one of the most delicious spring ephemerals* begins to emerge. Allium tricoccum, is the scientific name for the wild-ramps that grow in North America from Canada to the Southern Appalachian Mountains.

Well Seasoned Table is committed to the sustainable and regenerative harvesting of all the wild-harvested species that we use in our products. If you are interested in learning about some of the practices that we use to wild-harvest ramps, you can explore more here.

*grows for a brief period in the spring

1. Wild Ramp Sea Salt [Grinder & Shaker]

Every spring, from the wilds of the Appalachian Mountains, the most vibrant product with wild-ramps that we make is released. April signals that ramps are beginning to emerge from the forest floor. After our wild-ramps are sustainably harvested, these magical emerald green ramps are then infused into our favorite local salt. We are so lucky to have Celtic Sea Salt® right here in Asheville! 

wild ramp salt in a bitty bowl

2. Emerald Mountain Dust

Add vibrant taste and nutrients to all of your favorite dishes with this emerald-hued dust. A blend of Celtic Sea Salt®, wildcrafted greens of amaranth & dandelion, stinging nettle, roasted garlic, edible flowers, and a touch of wild-harvested ramps. This blend is overflowing with nourishing herbs that add an immense amount of flavor. 

Dust this seasoning over chicken, fish, potatoes, your favorite roasted vegetables, or add it to dressings & dips. Emerald Mountain Dust is as versatile as it is beautiful so give it a try on just about anything! Even watermelon!

Emerald Mtn Dust in an East Fork bitty bowl

3. Wild Green Goddess Seasoning

Abundant in wild-harvested greens, spring wild-harvested ramps, and farm-grown herbs like tarragon and lemon thyme, this earthy, garlicky seasoning is the perfect addition to egg dishes, salad dressings, and roasted vegetables.

This is a special seasoning that is close to the heart of owner, Sarah Wickers. Want to learn more about why? Explore the story.

Wild Green Goddess Seasoning in a bitty bowl

4. Wild Ramp & Roasted Garlic Sea Salt Grinder

Late in the summer, a product emerges from the WST spice-shop that is a blend of spring magic and summer abundance...the unique and delightful botanically infused Wild Ramp & Roasted Garlic Sea Salt Grinder. Made with wild-harvested spring ramps, and locally (Asheville, NC) grown garlic from Gaining Ground Farm

Delicious as a finishing salt on grilled veggies or meat, avocado toast or eggs, and light pasta dishes like alfredo.

wild ramp and roasted garlic sea salt in a green Eask Fork bitty bowl

5. Magical Forest Grinder

In the late fall, WST releases one of the most sought after products of the year, the Magical Forest Grinder. From wild-harvested spring ramps to lobster mushrooms, there is nothing out there that captures the magic & deliciousness of the forest like this blend. Everything in this product (other than the Celtic Sea Salt®) was wild-harvested in the Mountains of Appalachian. A true snap-shot of the season.

Also made with assorted wild foraged mushrooms from Mushroom Mountain and Wild Beaver Foraging.

Magical Forest in an East Fork bitty bowl

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