Spice up your Summer fruits!

Spice up your Summer fruits!

Here are some out-of-the-box uses for some of our favorite seasonings starring late-summer produce! 

While we’ll never tire of cooking with our seasonings, lately we’re obsessed with enjoying them in a less expected way: on fresh, late-summer fruit. From herby Emerald Mountain Dust to tangy and complex Thai Red Curry Seasoning, a sprinkle of something savory on sweet, juicy produce makes for a mouthwatering snack and, frankly, just a ton of fun. 


Below you’ll find a few of our favorite matchups, which we recently devoured on a sunny afternoon on the farm. We drew inspiration for some of these pairings from other cultures and cuisines and encourage you to explore some of those combos as well. For instance, sliced mango with a chili-lime seasoning is a common street snack in Mexico, whereas in Thailand, you can find watermelon served with fried shallots and crushed, salted dried fish (a dish called Pla Hang Teang Mo). 


If you give any of these a try, let us know what you think…and if you stumble upon other combos you love, we’d love to hear about them! 


  • Thai Red Curry Seasoning: We absolutely love this on watermelon. Add a squeeze of lime and a sprinkle of flaky salt for even more zip!

  • Firecracker Dust: Try this spicy number on sliced mango, peaches, and cantaloupe.

  • Emerald Mountain Dust: This herb forward blend of wild greens, ramp salt, and edible flowers is magical on watermelon and mango. We can’t get enough!

 A fruit platter sprinkled with Well Seasoned Table spices and a hand reaching for a watermelon slice.


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