Pure Fire Foods

Pure Fire Foods

Pure Fire Foods, founded in 2015 by owner David Rosenthal, is a company that creates Nourishing Fiery Foods™ inspired by ancient herbal remedies. Their flagship product, PURE FIRE™ Fire Tonic, is handcrafted with a proprietary blend of organic vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, and mushrooms that come together to make a powerful tonic.

This unique blend was originally inspired by Rosemary Gladstar, the “Godmother of American Herbalism”. PURE FIRE™ Fire Tonic has so many uses: it can be enjoyed daily as a part of your immune-boosting regimen, used in recipes, or added to foods as a dressing or sauce to nourish the immune system and leave you feeling energized and awakened naturally through the power of raw, organic ingredients.

Pure Fire Foods' mission is to revitalize and grow the connection of folk medicine in the world through their innovative and delicious recipes. We use their fire cider mash in the WST House Grinder, Smoked Fire Seasoning, and Fiery Golden Milk.
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