Mushroom Mountain

Mushroom Mountain

Nestled in the heart of South Carolina is Mushroom Mountain, a magical eco paradise founded by Olga Katic. Olga grew up in Bosnia and Hercegovina, where she spent countless hours in the woods mushroom hunting with her sister and grandmother. From a young age, Olga learned to identify different types of mushrooms and appreciate the beauty and importance of fungi in the natural world.

Now, as the proud owner of Mushroom Mountain, Olga has brought her passion for mushrooms to life. Along with her dedicated team, Olga produces high-quality mushroom spawn for a variety of edible and medicinal varieties. She also creates medicinal mushroom extracts and honeys under the name Mycomatrix, and runs a Wild Mushroom Food Safety Certification Program, which has been accepted by health departments in several states and endorsed by the FDA.

In her free time, Olga can be found exploring the woods, foraging for mushrooms and wild plants, and taking breathtaking photos of the natural world. Her love for nature is evident in everything she does at Mushroom Mountain, and she invites visitors to come and discover the wonder of mushrooms for themselves. At WST, we are proud to use their wild and cultivated mushrooms in our Magical Forest Grinder, Wild Mushroom Sea Salt Grinder, and Enchanted Forest Dust.

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