Fiddler's Green Farm

Fiddler's Green Farm

Located on Eastern Cherokee land in Marshall, NC, Fiddler’s Green Farm offers diversified vegetables, medicinal herbs, pasture-raised chicken, and eggs. Owned and operated by Ryan Clark, a passionate advocate for sustainable agriculture, Fiddler's Green Farm grows a variety of herbs that make their way into our farm-to-table seasonings.

Ryan's journey to sustainable agriculture began after attending culinary school in Rhode Island, where he discovered a deeper passion for the process of growing food. He honed his skills on farms throughout the region before settling in the Asheville area, where he founded Fiddler's Green Farm in 2014. With the support of his friends and family, Ryan has transformed the land into a vibrant farm that supplies us with delicious and nutritious herbs.

Working alongside Ryan is Julie Douglas, a talented herb grower, writer, and educator. Julie brings a wealth of experience to the farm, having worked on small-scale organic farms and community gardens throughout the US. Their focus on social justice and decolonizing herbal medicine is an inspiration to us all.

Together, Ryan and Julie cultivate an array of herbs, including lemon basil, Thai basil, oregano, parsley, tarragon, and sweet basil, that infuse our seasonings with flavor and vitality. We are grateful for our partnership with Fiddler's Green Farm and look forward to sharing the fruits of their labor with you.

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