Wild Appalachia Sampler: Suggestions for Use

Use Magic Garlic Dust whenever and wherever you desire a dose of savory depth and garlicky goodness.It’s right at home in soups, dips, and dressings and would make a fantastic addition to homemade crackers or nut mixes.

Consider Emerald Mountain Dust your go-to herby seasoning for flavoring anything from roasted veggies to proteins like chicken, tofu, and salmon to pasta. We loved it with crispy gnocchi and greens, as seen here, and never tire of it on popcorn.

If you like lemon-pepper seasoning, you’ll love our Appalachian Lemon Sea Salt, which is packed with citrus, herbs, garlic, and sumac. Toss with veggies before roasting, sprinkle onto shrimp before sautéing, or use it as the rim on a Bloody Mary or michelada.

Try adding our Wild Mushroom Sea Salt, which is full of wild-harvested mushrooms and ramps, to stir-fries, casseroles, pastas, soups, and more.

Wild greens mingle with fennel, dill, and garlic in our versatile Wild Green Earth Goddess Seasoning. It’s excellent in all manner of seafood dishes but is also right at home in salads, deviled eggs, and chowders.

Sprinkle our Spiced Pawpaw Sugar onto muffins and loaf cakes before baking, add it to homemade granola, or stir it into yogurt for a touch of fall flavor straight from Appalachia!

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