The Best No-Knead Bread

The Best No-Knead Bread

An easy no-knead bread recipe that is as versatile as it is delicious. You don't need a pastry degree to make a beautiful loaf of bread to share with family and friends!

As its name suggests, this homemade bread recipe requires zero kneading and comes together in only a few easy steps. Instead of working the dough by hand or using a stand-mixer, the secret to this mostly-hands-off recipe lies in letting the dough sit, covered, on the counter overnight to let the yeast do its magic, resulting in a puffed, ready-to-bake product the next morning.

You can use any of our sea salts to flavor it, from Wild Ramp to our Rosemary-Basil Sea Salt Grinder.


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Hi! I’m looking for the recipe for the no knead bread but only see the photo. Can you share it? Thanks!

Katie Straub —

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