Magic Garlic Dust Recipe Round Up!

Created by: Sarah Wickers


In this roundup, you will find an array of delicious recipes to try, using one of our best sellers, Magic Garlic Dust! This is not your usual garlic powder - this is the most intensely delicious garlic powder (aka dust) ever created! We use organic, farm-fresh garlic (the whole head!), fermented black garlic, herbs and edible flowers. And when we say it's great on everything, we mean it! We'd love to see which recipe you make. Comment below and let us know! Happy Cooking!   Magic Garlic Summer Pasta The veggies shine in this simple, summery pasta that's seasoned to perfection with our Magic Garlic Dust

Magic Garlic Knots  Get ready to transform your pizza game with a twist that's as garlicky (magically garlicky) as it is irresistible!

Cheesy Spinach and Mushroom Dip This rich, garlicky dip gets its savory depth from sautéed mushrooms and (you guessed it!) Magic Garlic Dust. 

White Bean, Sausage, and Kale Soup Warm, hearty vegetable and sausage anything more comforting? This recipe is a staple meal in many cultures, and there are endless variations.   


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