Herby Cheddar Drop Biscuits

Herby Cheddar Drop Biscuits

These light and tender drop biscuits are studded with cheddar cheese and full of herby flavor thanks to our Wild Green Goddess Seasoning. Since there's no kneading or folding required, they couldn't be easier to pull together. 


Our Wild Green Goddess Seasoning gets its earthy, complex depth from wildcrafted greens like stinging nettle and dandelion leaf, tangy sumac, ramps, and green spicebush berries, plus a number of herbs like oregano, bay leaf, tarragon and celery leaf. It's perfect on anything that could use an herby punch and is irresistible in these cheesy biscuits! 


Serve them warm for breakfast slathered with butter (and more Goddess seasoning, if you please!) or alongside our buttermilk roast chicken for dinner. Happy baking!

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