Well Seasoned Table Appalachian Seasoning Sampler Featuring 6 sample vials in a tin box. Display shows the sampler box with sprinkled herbs on a wooden table

Appalachian Seasoning Sampler Recipe Roundup!

This sampler is a curated selection of the most beloved, well-known products at Well Seasoned Table. We use domestically sourced ingredients to bring the flavors of Appalachia to life in this mouth-wateringly delicious farm-house seasoning sampler. Get the sampler here or click on the product links in each recipe to learn more!

- Explore Cheese Ravioli with Creamy Mushroom Sauce using our Enchanted Forest Dust. Tastes of wild and cultivated mushrooms from Mushroom Mountain!
Rosemary Basil Mac & Cheese with our Rosemary Basil Sea Salt featuring ingredients grown on Fiddler's Green Farm. 
Try this Magic "French Onion" Dip featuring Magic Onion Dust! Red onions from Gaining Ground Farm and sage from the Well Seasoned Table Farm make this onion dust extra special.
To go with your Magic French Onion dip, check out these 
Spice of Life Pita Chips featuring, you guessed it - our Spice of Life Seasoning, with garlic grown on the Gaining Ground Farm.

- Wild Ramp & Roasted Garlic Sea Salt adds tons of flavor to this Best No-Knead Bread Recipe featuring wild harvested spring ramps from Wild Beaver Foraging, and garlic from Gaining Ground Farm. 
For a DAIRY-FREE dip option, Smoked Fire Buffalo Chicken Dip is a crowd pleaser! Our Smoked Fire Seasoning makes this dip burst with smoky North Carolina flavors. 
Get your Appalachian Seasoning Sampler now, and let us know if you try these recipes!
Happy Cooking!
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