Cuban Food Share - I grew up in South Florida...

Cuban Food Share - I grew up in South Florida...

Have you met our Cuban Seasoning?! A little background...even though my family's roots can be found deep in Hominy Valley of Cander, NC, I grew up in South Florida. My father grew up in a little town just south of Lake Okeechobee. So I am technically a second generation native Floridian. The roots of my maternal ancestors brought me back home to North Carolina though. Hominy Valley is where my heart is. This property has my soul. But South Florida...has Cuban food! Seriously amazing Cuban food. I grew up eating Cuban at least 1-2 times a week. Several of my closest friends growing up we're Cuban. Since I have always loved to cook, I would hang out in the kitchen and watch the Cuban food being made...and of course, eat it as well. As the years progressed and I moved away I had to get my weekly fix, so I started developing a Cuban seasoning that would help me on that quest. The result, our magnificent Cuban Seasoning!

Phenomenal in black beans, tofuuu...oh who am I kidding, this seasoning wants to be on red meat, pork, chicken, and fish. That being said, it really is good on tofu, and I would NEVER cook black beans without it.

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