What exactly are Dusts?

What exactly are Dusts?

We are having so much fun in 2024! We have been busy behind the scenes dreaming up so many ways to connect you to the Well Seasoned Table experience. We will have lots of exciting news to share very soon! For now, we thought it would be fun to answer one of our frequently asked questions.

What exactly are Dusts?

We are so excited to tell you more about the world of Well Seasoned Table Dusts! All WST products have so much versatility! It is so important to play, explore, and experiment with your cooking experience, and we are always here to help. 

Both Seasonings and Dusts are meant to provide layers of flavor, color, and texture. Seasonings are excellent to add to anything that you’re cooking, whether it’s on the stovetop or in the oven. Dusts, however, are blended to a much finer consistency than our seasoning and include a bit more Celtic Sea Salt®, making them perfect for sprinkling onto finished dishes for a pop of color and flavor, adding to popcorn, blending into dips, and more! Here at WST, many of us find ourselves reaching for dusts in place of plain old salt to elevate our cooking and infuse it with extra depth and flavor. 

Well Seasoned Table is also focused on sustainability and utilizing as much of the plant, herb, fruit, mushroom, etc. as possible. By creating our line of Dusts, we are able to incorporate many of the flavorful bits of ingredients that don’t normally make it into our seasonings and salts, thereby reducing food waste. We will be sharing more about our sustainability efforts soon!

In the WST realm, we call them DUSTS because, just like magic fairy dust, they provide that magical, can’t-put-your-finger-on-it element that ups the yumminess factor of your kitchen creations. Here is a breakdown of our savory dusts:

Emerald Mountain Dust - This earthy and cheerful dust is great on grilled veggies, chicken, popcorn, fish, or can be blended with oil to create a scrumptious bread dip.

Magic Garlic Dust - Warming roasted garlic, savory black garlic, a kick of peppercorn, and vibrant edible flowers (like calendula and bee balm) will make your taste buds dance! This dust will definitely cast a spell on you!

Enchanted Forest Dust - This dust is a perfectly crafted blend of Celtic Sea Salt®, farm-grown herbs, local garlic as well as tons of wild and cultivated mushrooms. 

Magic Onion Dust - Allow your taste buds to be tantalized with our new, magical blend of smoked onions, black garlic, and sage. This one is an umami bomb...French Onion Soup in a seasoning!

You can visit this wellseasonedtable.com under SHOP / Seasonings and Dusts to buy these very special gems.


We love to see what you’re making! Don’t forget to share and tag @wellseasonedtable! Happy cooking!

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