Farmer Spotlight - Friends of the Trees Botanicals

Created by: Sarah Beaver


Friends of the Trees Botanicals, led by seasoned herbalist Michael "Skeeter" Pilarski, cultivates and wildcrafts over 150 unique botanicals on their Olympic Peninsula haven. Their 1/2 acre farm at Finnriver Farm & Cidery in Chimacum, WA, is a complex agroforestry system. This means they intentionally cultivate a diverse range of plants together, mimicking a natural ecosystem. This includes medicinal herbs, trees, shrubs, hedgerows, berries, vegetables, and culinary herbs. They embrace nature's bounty and even utilize "weeds" like dandelion, recognizing their potential benefits.

With a deep respect for the land, Friends of the Trees Botanicals practices sustainable wildcrafting and permaculture principles, ensuring healthy ecosystems and top-quality botanicals. They employ permaculture principles, which focus on creating a self-sustaining and ecologically sound agricultural system. Additionally, they utilize restorative land practices that aim to improve the health of the soil and ecosystem over time. 

By combining their deep knowledge of herbalism with sustainable practices, Friends of the Trees Botanicals provides Well Seasoned Table with high-quality, ethically sourced botanical ingredients. Experience the fragrant magic of their rosemary in our popular Rosemary Basil Sea Salt Grinder

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