Shrimp and Squoodle Pesto

Squoodle is a funny word. Everyone these days has heard of zoodles, but I feel like the squoodle is the under appreciated veggie noodle. Now, if I'm going to honest with all you WST groupies following along, I should probably tell you that I really wanted to make zoodles for this recipe, but my local Aldi was completely out of zucchini. Therefore, you get squoodles this week. You'll thank me later. 

If you caught my previous blog post, you know that I am living the pesto life right now. Seriously, y'all, it's good on EVERYTHING. Until recently, I only enjoyed pesto every now and then while eating out. I’m not always a fan of pasta and usually pesto dishes are pasta heavy. Now that I know how easy it is to make pesto at home, I see many a non-pasta pesto dish in my future.

For our first pesto recipe I figured I would ease us in slowly and create a faux pasta dish. This way all of you noodle lovers can go crazy subbing out my squoodles for your pasta of choice. This recipe is almost as easy as making the pesto itself. The only real time consuming part of the process is the prep. The actual cook time is 10-15 mins. Now that’s a summer dinner I can handle.

Start with raw shrimp. The shrimp I had on hand was frozen and deveined, but still had the shells. If you have fresh, use that! If it is frozen, let it defrost according to package instructions and then peel the shrimp, removing the tails. After heating a few table spoons of olive oil over medium heat in a pan toss the shrimp in and add a few teaspoons of Well Seasoned Table Herbal Sea Salt. The shrimp need to cook for a few minutes until pink. When they are cooked, remove from the pan with a slotted spoon and set aside.

Now it’s time for the squoodles. Take 3-4 squash (or zucchini) and cut them into noodles. Add another tablespoon of olive oil to the pan and add the squoodles. Sprinkle a few more teaspoons of WST Herbal Sea Salt to the pan and toss the squoodles to cover evenly with oil and salt. Toss frequently and cook until the squoodles are slightly softened. Remove from heat. Add shrimp and about 5 tablespoons of your already prepared Beet Green and Walnut Pesto (OR Farm & Forager’s Pesto when you get your hands on some). Serve immediately or portion out and enjoy throughout the week. I promise, eating your shrimp squoodles and pesto will bring a little bit of garden sunshine to your weekday lunch break.

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